The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” still holds some truth in recent times.  While berries usually get most of the credit when it comes to supplying antioxidants, apple nutrition is a close runner-up. This piece highlights three nutrition facts about apple, which comes with a bottle of Planet Flavored Drink and Its Bigoo as well.


Fight Heart Disease

There’s strong evidence that a diet that includes plenty of high-fiber foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, can help decrease the risk of numerous chronic diseases. Many studies show that people who consume more fresh plant foods filled with antioxidants experience lower inflammation have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

The specific type of fiber found in apples, pectin, is especially known to be beneficial for lowering cholesterol  levels naturally.

Good Source of Vitamin C

According to research, one medium apple supplies about 14 percent of your daily vitamin C. Vitamin C is considered a powerful antioxidant that’s important for skin, eye, immune and brain health. Like other antioxidants we obtain through fresh vegetables and fruits, vitamin C fights free radical damage and helps protect DNA and cells from mutation and malformation.

Research shows that vitamin C is crucial for maintaining a healthy metabolism and repairing tissue, especially in the eyes and skin. Vitamin C-rich foods like apples have natural anti-aging effects because they promote skin cell renewal, help heal wounds or cuts, guard against infections and harmful bacteria, and also block damage from UV light exposure.

Can Help You Manage Your Weight

Much research has shown that higher fruit and vegetable intake is linked with protection against obesity. While apples provide high levels of important nutrients and antioxidants, they’re also low in calories since a high percentage of their volume is water and fiber.


Summing up all the above highlighted points,  it is very evident that nutritional value of apples are vital to our general well-being. Just in case you  find it difficult to go by the old rule. A bottle of Its Bigoo or Planet Flavored Drink a day will do the magic for you. 

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