Set Achievable Goals For This Term

What would you like to achieve this year? Why don’t you set yourself a small challenge or goal like getting your steps in each day, committing to a workout, taking the stairs instead of the lift when possible, making meditation a part of your everyday routine or create healthier meals that can be inspired by recipes on our nutrition blog. Goals centred around fitness, eating and wellness are steps towards healthier habits and happier life.

Breaking Down Long Term Goals

Start designing your 10 week goals by considering your long term goals. For example, if your long term goal is to exercise 3 times a week, consider breaking that down of attending our on-demand training sessions once a week for the first 3 weeks, and increasing that to 2 sessions a week after that.

Writing Down Goals and What They Mean to You 
It is important to understand why your goals are important to you i.e. do you want to improve your fitness so you can feel healthier or do you want to eat more nutritious food so you can have more energy and better mood, or do you want to meditate more so you can manage your stress better?

Track and Celebrate!

The best part about 10 week goals is the early success. Celebrating each time a small goal is achieved builds confidence in your process and creates momentum towards achieving larger goals in the future.

In order to celebrate, we need to keep track of our goals. Attending classes or frequently utilizing our on-demand videos done at home anytime, anywhere, is an easy way to track goals and to therefore celebrate success.



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