When you spice up your food, you might also protect your heart. People have used garlic as medicine for centuries, and studies on supplements show it may have benefits for your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Talk to your doctor before you try any pills, since it may raise your risk of bleeding and interfere with meds you take.

Vitamin D

It plays a role in keeping your heart healthy, but there are few foods that have it. Salmon and tuna are some of them. You can also find it in “fortified” milk and orange juice that has vitamin D added in. Researchers are still studying its uses and whether supplements can help. Take them if your doctor recommends it.


Eat foods with this nutrient and you may cut your risk of heart disease and heart attack. You’ve got lots to choose from. Try dark leafy greens like spinach, or eat lentils, lima beans, and asparagus. It comes as a supplement, but the American Heart Association says a diet with lots of folate-rich foods is the right way to go.


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