Make Time For Joy

Create a “joy list” and commit to choosing one or two things from it to do each day. To make the list, just let your mind wander for a few minutes with a pen and paper and watch the list grow. Don’t forget to add all life’s little joys, like a warm cup of tea or a bath. Then, when you pick something to bring joy to your day, do so with mindfulness; really feel the good feelings. Take a few breaths to absorb them and enrich the resulting positive mental state. This allows you to push the mental state to a neural state, making a happy bridge in your brain and building your resilience.

Relax With A Mindfulness Meditation

Start with 12 minutes twice a day—20 minutes if you can make time. Look for guided meditations on Insight Timer or my freeBalanced Mind with Julie Potiker podcast on iTunes. Mix it up so that your mind is relaxing into the practice.

Name It To Tame It

Identify what you’re feeling and where it is occurring in your body. For example, “I feel stressed; my neck is tightening up.” This practice allows you to use mindfulness to step into awareness and out of the intensity of the emotional state.

Ground Yourself Through The Soles Of Your Feet

Put your feet on the ground and send your attention down to the soles of your feet. How do they feel? Are you in socks and shoes? Barefoot? Cold or warm? Moist or dry? The act of doing this breaks the spiraling of thoughts and emotions.


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