If you’re not a morning person, you’re definitely not alone. No one wants to start their day feeling sluggish or overwhelmed by the things they need to get done.

A good day starts when you put your best foot forward from the moment you open your eyes. Lead with positivity and the rest of your day is sure to follow.


Take five or ten minutes to start your day in complete and total serenity.

The first hour of your day is the most effective time for meditation. Things are still calm and your mind hasn’t started processing the work you need to get done.

Get yourself comfortable, whether that means simply sitting up or brushing your teeth and hair first, then spend a few minutes with just yourself.

Sit in perfect silence and listen to your breathing. Download a guided meditation app to help you along the way. Incorporate meditation with yoga. Do whatever feels right for you on a given day.

Meditating releases endorphins and makes you feel good and energized.

By starting your day in a calm manner, you will feel much more prepared to tackle whatever gets thrown your way.



Just getting out of bed can be a struggle when you feel groggy. Your muscles just don’t want to activate, so you end up lying there, staring at the ceiling way longer than you meant to.

Start your day with some morning stretches. It gets your muscles moving as soon as you wake up, ensuring you don’t feel like your body is dragging you down.

It also gives you a quick boost of energy so that you can start your day with some pep in your step.


Don’t discount the benefits of morning exercise. If you’re avoiding exercise just because you want an extra five minutes of sleep, you’re doing yourself a major disservice.

Exercising right after you wake up gets your blood pumping through your body and fills you with energy. It’s like a natural shot of caffeine right to the brain.

By working out in the morning, you give yourself the peace of mind that it’s already done. Then, it won’t be looming over you all day.

Now’s the time to get your workout done before it falls off your to-do list entirely.


Eight or more hours is a significant amount of time to go without drinking any water. Our bodies need to stay hydrated to function properly. It’s crucial to keep your tank full.

So instead of going straight for the coffee machine, grab a glass of water first.

Drinking water in the morning not only rehydrates your body, but it also kick-starts your metabolism, flushes out toxins, and supports a healthy immune system.

On top of all that, water helps clear your mind and makes you feel more alert.

You may be surprised to find that you don’t actually need that first cup of coffee until well into the afternoon.


Your morning is a gold mine of opportunity.

That precious time right after you wake up sets the mood for your entire day, whether you want it to or not. Changing course after that can be difficult, so you may as well start it off right.

Source: lifeisanepisode.com

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