1. Outline a morning and night routine

The first thing to get yourself on track for a healthy spring is making sure you have a solid morning and night routine. Your morning may include going for a walk with the dog, doing some pilates or even braving a sunrise swim. Similarly, give yourself the time at night to wind down with something like a light meditation or reading a book, whether that’s after an evening workout or a busy day.

  1. Create a fitness timetable for the week

Exercise is crucial to staying healthy, so it’s important to plan out how you will incorporate it into your weekly plan. Each week you should be doing 2.5 to 5 hours of moderate physical activity or 1.25 to 2.25 of vigorous physical activity as a minimum. So, make sure when writing out your timetable you incorporate a range of types of exercises with a combination of both cardio and strength. Also don’t forget to set aside time for stretching – this will keep your muscles flexible, strong and healthy as you exercise as well as reduce risk of injury.

  1. Snack smarter

Snacking isn’t a bad habit, as long as you do it right. Make sure when you go to your pantry or fridge you choose snacks that are not only healthy but that will make you feel fuller for longer (so you’re not back there in a matter of minutes).

  1. Put time aside to clear the mind

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. Finding ways to ease things like anxiety and stress can help the way you function in other areas of life. This may mean getting stuck into a workout, listening to music, taking deep breaths or meditating. Whatever it is, do it for you and ensure it helps you let go of negative feelings.


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