These tips work during any month, but are especially helpful during the action-packed holidays:

Make Drinking A Glass Of Water The Very First Thing You Do Every Morning

Get up, smile because you’re alive, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth, then—
Chug. That. Water.

Drinking a glass of filtered and/or spring water (ideally room temperature and with a pinch of salt in it) replenishes a lot of the fluids you lost as you slept and helps keep your metabolism cruising along at a good clip.

Purchase A Glass Or Steel Water Bottle—Then Attach It To Your Hip

Plastic water bottles are wasteful and not good to reuse anyway because of how easily chemicals can leach into the water. So, treat yourself to a couple of steel or glass water bottles (maybe a cute holiday-inspired one, too!) and keep at least one with you everywhere you go.

We’re serious: we want you to start seeing your water bottle as essential as your keys, phone, and wallet.
For extra hydration insurance, consider leaving one at work, too.

Take A Quick Look At Your Urine When You Use The Bathroom

Your pee should be a pale-straw color—dark or bright yellow indicates dehydration.
Your pee should also be regular—no, you are not a camel if you can go all day without urinating. You’re just dehydrated. No Bueno.

Set A Reminder On Your Phone

Sometimes the tech-y route is the simplest solution at hand. Consider setting a couple of alarms throughout the day that you can use as auditory reminders that it’s time to drink up.


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