Set out for Jumah and reap the rewards for observing Friday prayer as soon you do all these.

Muslims all over the world are happily bracing up to go for Jumah prayer today.

The solemnity of listening to the word of God, the joy that comes with meeting friends and exchanging peaceful greeting give Friday prayer the spiritual and ceremonial feel we can’t ignore. So, to enjoy this feeling and the rewards that come with going to Jumu’ah and listening to the sermon, you just have to rise to the occasion. Here are 5 things you should do as a Muslim before you go for jumah.


1.Cut your nails

One of the rituals of attending Jumu’ah service is cutting your nails in obedience to the Sunah (ways) of prophet Muhammad (SAW) We don’t go to Jumu’ah with fingernails that look like a fork. So neatly cut your finger and toe nails.

  1. Performing ghusl

This is very important on Fridays before we set out for Jumuah. Ghusl is a ritual bath done to purify our body. It is the same Ghusl we take for Janabah. The prophet said, ” O gathering of Muslims, Allah has made this day an eid for you, so make ghusl and use the miswak.”

  1. Beautifying one’s self

Friday is a festive day for Muslim according to prophet Muhammad, so you are expected to go to mosque wearing your best dress. It is not only improper to wear your workshop clothes to the mosque, it is also unwise to purify your body by performing Ghusl and then wear a dirty dress to the house of Allah. If you will be going to Jumu’ah from your workshop, take another clothes along.

On wearing the best of clothes, the prophet said: “It would do no[harm] to anyone if he were to buy two gowns for Friday other than his work clothes.”

  1. Using the miswak

Islam is a religion that prioritises cleanliness and this is why brushing your mouth before you go for Jumuah is advised. In fact, the prophet used to brush his mouth with miswak five times daily before every prayer. So,  brush your mouth and smile at the world on your way to Jumuah.

  1. Using perfume

The use of perfume often makes us feel good about ourselves right? Good. Use perfume and go to Jumu’ah with that mindset. Feel good, be happy and swing into a festive mood. All these are permitted within the ambit of Islam. So feel free to enjoy your religion.

Writer: Sarah Opere

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