Begin your pool workout, begin with a quick warm-up. Simply jump into the pool and do a slow march in place. Swing your arms while bringing your knees up, keeping your core muscles engaged. March in place for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second break. Repeat three times.

The Workout

  1. High Knee Sideways March

Stand in the pool where the water is chest high.

March your left knee up, and swing your right arm forward at the same time.

As your left knee comes down, march your right knee up and swing your left arm forward.

Move laterally through the water as if you were walking sideways across a room instead of front to back.

Duration: Continue for 30 seconds in one direction to complete one set. Take a 15-second break, then reverse direction. Complete two sets in each direction for a total of four sets.

  1. Carioca

Still in chest-high water, with your feet a few inches apart, stand sideways in the lane with your left side facing the direction you’ll be traveling.

Cross your right foot in front of your left foot.

Move your left foot out and step it to the left to return to your beginning stance (you will be moving away from your starting point). Use your arms for balance.

Next, place your right foot behind your left foot. Then, once again, move your left foot out, stepping to the left, to return to your beginning stance. Continue this pattern as you travel down the lane.

As you get more comfortable with the movement, increase your speed.

Duration: Complete two 30-second sets in each direction, for a total of four sets. Make sure to rest for 15 seconds between sets.

  1. Sideways Broad Shuffle

Standing sideways in the lane in chest-high water, lift your lead leg (the one on the side of the direction you will be traveling) and take a big step to the side.

Pull yourself sideways with your lead leg, bringing your legs together.

Continue to take large sideways steps, reaching out with your lead leg and letting it propel your body sideways.

Move quickly and explosively throughout the movement, almost like a lateral jump.

Begin a new set by switching directions and allowing your trailing leg to become your lead leg.

Duration: Complete two 30-second sets in each direction, for a total of four sets. Rest for 15 seconds between sets.

  1. Rotational Wake

Take a wide stance in chest-high water with your arms extended forward and palms flat together.

Using your legs and hips to drive the movement, twist at your waist and drive your arms horizontally through the water, rotating right and left about 180 degrees.

Continue twisting back and forth, alternating sides.

Duration: Complete four 30-second sets, with a 15-second break between each.


Source: experiencelife.lifetime.life

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