In as much as fasting is good for the body, it is advisable to break your fast the healthy way. In order not to harm the body by introducing heavy foods after a long drought. Breaking your fast with light foods may just be perfect.

To avoid overeating later in the evening, you can go with sugary dates and water, which are a great ‘sunset snack’ and also a tradition. As the Prophet Muhammad is said to have broken his fast that way before reading prayers.

One other thing you can engage in while fasting is exercise. Exercising is important to keep up your muscle mass while you are fasting.

Your evening meals should aim at building you up as well as keeping your body in the best condition for the month and beyond. It is advisable to have half of your plate with vegetables or salad, a quarter with protein, and another quarter with carbohydrates like rice, potatoes or pasta.

Break your fast with dates and water. If you are in Ghana to be specific our traditional ‘koko’ and ‘koose’ may just be perfect. Then get up. Do your prayers, have a little bit of a walk, stretch yourself out, then come back to the dinner table.

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