The fight against weight loss, has being the headache of many in recent times. In this article, we will highlight two beverages which when tagged alongside healthy lifestyle changes would be more effective than others.

Did you know that the caffeine in coffee and water may help in your fight to loss some weight? Find out below.


Popularly used by people around the world to boost their energy levels. It is very important to note that coffee contains caffeine, a substance that acts as a stimulant in the body and may benefit weight loss. Coffee can reduce energy intake and boost metabolism, which may help you lose weight.

It is against this background that the Twellium Industrial Company has taken the lead in the production of energy drinks, which contain caffeine. With leading brands like Rush, Run and Go On Energy Drink. Which mainly helps to boost metabolism and help you lose weight in the long run. 


Increasing your water intake is one of the simplest ways to improve your overall health. Drinking more water may also benefit your waistline by keeping you full in between meals and increasing the number of calories you burn. Drinking cold water increases the number of calories you burn while resting. 

Water is life and Verna Mineral Water is one brand you can befriend to help you loss weight. In order to help you  burn  more calories, a bottle of Verna Mineral Water which contains essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium, vital to help you lose weight.   

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