As part of efforts to combat the global pandemic COVID-19, Managing Director for Halo Medical Services and Executive Director for Hope Surgical Foundation, Dr. Hamza Asumah has advised Ghanaians to exercise regularly, eat healthy and stay hydrated.

A great consumer of Verna Mineral water, Dr. Hamza Asumah expressed excitement at the newly introduced Verna Active produced by Twellium Industrial Company and admonished Ghanaians to patronise Verna Active as it helps boost the immune system to help fight sicknesses. 

“Verna mineral water has been my choice for so many years so I was especially happy when they introduced the Verna Active which is fortified with vitamins and folic acid. It keeps me going all day and keeps my immune system strong” Dr. Asumah said.

Verna Active Water is the new scientifically formulated drink with folic acid and electrolytes that come in a signature bottle and enhanced with vital vitamins to boost your immune system.

The thirst-quenching Verna Active Water comes in two different variant including the pleasant lemon and strawberry flavour to give you the best during the day.

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