Your body’s hydration matters regardless of your activity levels. You can be a physically active individual or a couch potato, regular water intake helps in keeping your body’s functions regulated.

Surroundings also count when it comes to drinking water, your body requires more water if you live in a dry and warm geographical area. That is the reason we feel thirst more acutely during summertime. On the other hand, living in cold climatic conditions also requires regular water intake because our metabolism compensates for the outside cold by increasing internal heat generation, resulting in body water loss.

Some common dehydration symptoms include, dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, fatigue or dizziness, headaches, hunger pangs, and chronic constipation.

Do’s and Don’ts

Before we begin, let us convey that you should inculcate a water drinking habit and encourage your family members similarly. Keeping your body replenished with water will make you healthier and more active and productive.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of drinking water,

Ensure that you are drinking clean water from a trusted water source such as Verna Mineral Water

Drink room temperature or warm water instead of going for excessively chilled water. Cold water requires to be warmed down by our body and therefore consumes more energy than it offers.

Drink 6-8 glassfuls of water every day. You can substitute your water intake with fresh juices and watery foods as well.

Cut down your alcoholic intake as the body requires more water to digest this substance (hence the dehydrated feeling when you wake up with a hangover).

When feeling too thirsty, drink water slowly instead of gulping down mouthfuls. Only a moderated drinking pace will help in quenching your thirst and adjust your body to the water infusion.

Timing: Drink water in the mornings after getting up, an hour before and after meals and before going to bed.

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