It’s a bit of a scary thought, but heart disease is the leading cause of death in men and women in Australia. In fact, 1 Aussie dies of heart disease ever 12 minutes.

It’s a serious problem, with a preventable solution. Exercise, a balanced diet and quitting smoking are the best ways to reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

What exercises can I do to boost my heart health?


Cardio exercises are designed to activate your blood flow, get your heart pumping and breaking a sweat. Activities such as walking, running, dancing, swimming are extremely beneficial and will increase your heart rate allowing you to breathe deeper and strengthen your heart muscles.

If cardio isn’t really your thing, make sure you stay moving by doing activities such as gardening, cleaning and do-it-yourself projects. These are sneaky ways of getting your heart pumping without even knowing it!


Yoga is so much more than a stretch; it’s a great way to lower blood and cholesterol levels helping you gain a healthy heart.

Not all heart-boosting exercises have to be high intensity. In fact, in a recent study in America, patients with heart failure were made to do an eight-week yoga program to boost their heart health. The results were dramatic! All patients had lower blood pressure levels and less marks of inflammation.

If that’s not enough to sell you, yoga is a proven stress reliever. Stress changes the way your blood clots and is a big contributor to heart disease. Yoga is great to manage your worries and stresses of the day, focusing on your breathing and relaxation.


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