Life tends to slow down during the winter months, but the amount of time you exercise shouldn’t drop just because temperatures do.

Avoiding the winter weight gain can be a challenge when you’re stuck inside trying to stay warm. Maybe you don’t want to brave the elements and drive to the gym. If that’s the case, you can still get a quality workout right at home, even if you don’t have fancy equipments.

Here are four (4) at-home workouts to try this winter:

You don’t need a treadmill or stationary bike to get a good cardiovascular workout at home. Here are a few heart-healthy options anyone can do at home:

Jumping Jacks – Not just for grade school kids anymore, jumping jacks are finding themselves a part of fitness routines all over. Jumping jacks provide a full-body cardio and strengthening workout.

Burpees – It’s a silly name for a blood-pumping cardio workout that combines a squat, thrust, pushup and a jump. All you need is a little bit of room, and a little practice to get a great all-in-one workout.

Pushups & Sit-ups – These are probably the two most basic exercises out there, but there is a reason they’re still around. Never underestimate the power and simplicity of pushups and sit-ups.

Squats – A great way to work your legs, glutes and lower back, squats are an easy way to build strength lower-body strength.


As you develop a winter workout routine that works for you, don’t forget to stay hydrated! Studies have shown that proper hydration is the key to exercise success.


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