Ghana produces a chunk of the world’s raw cocoa. And as country our love for any ‘by-product’ of cocoa is unmatched. When it comes to chocolate, everyone loves it. Most especially when it comes in a malt drink. The Twellium Industrial Company producers of Rasta Choco Malt, has taken the lead in producing the best chocolate malt drink in Ghana,  to present cocoa in a different taste to all Ghanaians.

Different times and moments demand different beverages. Most Fridays are characterized with excitements, which is also the weekend started, it is only right to start right. So you don’t ruin your day and weekend.

Start your day right in the morning with chocolate malt in a bottle, your afternoon will not be complete without it, because Rasta Choco Malt best complements your lunch. As you cool off and plan for the weekend, don’t forget your Rasta Choco Malt.

No matter what you are involved in, a bottle of Rasta Choco Malt, with its loved secret ingredient, will help you get through smoothly.

Happy Friday!

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