The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) after their facility tour at Twellium Industrial Company Limited, has concluded and endorsed VERNA Mineral Water as one of the best drinking water in Ghana.

This was done after the team from the Ghana Medical Association examined the entire production processes through which Verna is produced till it reaches the consumer.

The National President, Dr Frank Serebour, together with the executives of the Association pointed out three things that make the products stand out: The highly efficient state-of-the-art technology, stating the speed at which the machines works, production and quality control standards and Professional, competent and committed staff.

The National President of the Association, after citing the above, reiterated that Verna Mineral Water is safe for all to drink and that is why they have made a conscious effort to go into partnership with Twellium Industrial Company Limited.

“After our tour of the facility, we can confidently say that indeed Verna Mineral Water ranks amongst the best and safest bottled water on the market and this is why we have made a conscious effort to partner them.”

The general public has also accepted Verna Mineral Water as a safe drinking water.

This is through the various awards conferred on the brand:

The water of the year at the Ghana Beverage Awards 2021Product of the year by Ghana Manufacturing awards 2019Safest water of the year at Ghana National Medical Excellence Awards 2020

Twellium Industrial Company Limited, which has received certifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), proves that the Verna water brand is conformed to world-class standards of safety and premium quality coupled with the number of sophisticated machinery used in production.

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