Living a simple life is as simple as acknowledging and appreciating the simple things – a bit of a tongue twister there for you!

If you stop and feel the morning sun on your face while sipping your cuppa, then think about how grateful you are for that moment, it will instantly fill you with the warm and fuzzies and help boost your mood.

Try to stop, notice and give thanks to all the simple moments and see how many more happy moments you have throughout the day.

Whether you achieve daily tasks, thank the people around you more often or gift yourself with positive self-talk, it’s important to appreciate the smaller things in life, especially when things around you are uncertain.

Why being thankful changes your mindset to help improve happiness and general wellbeing. There is no doubt that being grateful for the small things in life can bring you joy and help improve your happiness. But what effect does being thankful have on your mind and body exactly?

According to the University of Berkeley in California, after 15 years of research gratitude has been shown to be a key element in physiological well-being – but not only mentally, physically as well.

They say that being grateful can improve things like happiness, your relationships, sleep patterns, your heart, aches and pains, and can even help combat mental illnesses like depression.

It’s an appreciation for the small things in life, the everyday encounters, that has been shown to deepen a sense of life satisfaction as a whole.

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