Smiles are the universal symbol of happiness

Receiving a smile from a stranger or friend brings you instant feelings of joy and pleasure. No words or further communication is required to feel immediate happiness, and therefore you can’t help but smile back yourself. Smiles are contagious and are the only thing we want to spread.

Did you know smiling is so much more than just a facial expression? As science suggests, the physiological response from your body can improve both your mental and physical health.


The benefits of smiling

Here are the positive physiological responses and benefits of smiling:


The muscles in your face that move when you smile sends signals to your brain, releasing hormones like serotonin which make you feel happier and generate positive emotions. This is why it’s important to consciously smile throughout the day even if it doesn’t reflect how you’re feeling. Smiling will act as an instant mood booster.


When your brain releases these happy hormones, it also affects your body’s stress response system. These hormones help you feel relaxed and lower your heart rate, which naturally reduces feelings of stress and brings on feelings of calmness. The flow-on effect from smiling in your body is truly amazing!


As too much stress can weaken our immune system, smiling more releases happy hormones leading to calmness and relaxation, allowing your body to feel less stressed and increase your immunity. A stronger immune system is a further flow-on effect from a happy mind and body.


Smiling is just part of the puzzle

Of course, our mental and physical health relies on other healthy lifestyle choices such as regular physical activity, healthy eating and social connection, but if a simple smile can give you even a moment of joy, we say smile away as much as possible!

Start to smile at strangers – it will make their day and yours!

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