When you’re a singer, your voice isn’t just for simple communication. Your voice is your livelihood, your instrument. The demands of belting out hits night after night can be significant, so performers are always looking for ways to keep their vocal chords in tip-top, pitch perfect condition.

Some singers swear by old-school concoctions or home remedies in order to maintain a strong voice. But, did you know that one of the most effective tools to help you sing your best could be good-old H20?

Add vocal performance to the ever-growing list of reasons to stay properly hydrated. According to noted voice scientist Dr. Ronald C. Scherer in a Voice Council Magazine article, drinking eight glasses of water per day is essential to maintaining your vocal cords.

Singing is obviously stressful on your vocal cords. Sustained use can cause the folds between the cords to become irritated, causing irritation and degrading performance. Staying hydrated promotes the formation of a protective mucus barrier between vocal cord folds, which helps guard against damage.

If you’re looking to hit your high notes on a regular basis, the recipe is simple. Make sure to drink at least eight glasses of cool or room temperature water consistently throughout the day. Extreme hot and cold fluid temperatures can interfere with your body’s natural muscle function and mucus production.

These tips hold true for anyone looking for a strong, clear voice on a regular basis. From reading the news, to nailing that presentation, water can be the key to making sure you always have a strong voice.

Source: Absopure

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