What happens to your body when you drink water on an empty stomach? This question is pricking many brains as there are many rumors about it. Is drinking water on an empty stomach harmful? Is it good or bad? All these questions are making rounds in our minds. Here, in this discussion, we tried to stow an end to all these arguments. We came across many things; here we put it all together for you. Just have a look at it.


We all know that our human body is made up of 3/4th of water. From this statement, it is clear that we should always see that our body is hydrated. If our body gets dehydrated, you need to face a lot of health issues in the long-term. Dehydration can lead to rheumatoid, arthritis, migraine, angina, colitis, dyspepsia, hypertension, obesity, breast cancer, tuberculosis, kidney stone, uterine cancers, etc.

Steps you should follow:

Drink four glasses of water immediately after you wake up. Make sure you do not brush before you have water on an empty stomach. Also, you can slowly increase the number of glasses from one to four. Do not eat anything for 45 minutes. Make sure you do not drink water at least in the gap of 30min before having your lunch or dinner.


By doing this, there are many benefits and most of the people experienced positive results in a very short span. The benefits of drinking water early in the morning can cure high blood pressure in 30 days, Diabetes in 30 days, Gastritis in 10 days, Constipation in 10 days, Tuberculosis in 10 days, Cancer in 180 days, etc.,

You start feeling fresh:

If you continuously drink water on an empty stomach for a month, you start feeling light within few days of this practice. Your body gets detoxified very quickly than before. During night time your body flushes out the harmful toxins which make your body fresh and light. When you drink plenty of water, it can help you increase the production of muscle cells and new blood cells.

Improves Metabolism:

Previously if you have experienced a very frequent hunger, then with this practice of drinking water, you can avoid it. You will find a lot of change in your body, and you may not need to snack in between the meals. Your body metabolic rate increases by 24% after you increase your water intake.


It helps you lose weight:

You will release more toxins when you drink water on an empty stomach; this will improve your digestion process. Automatically you feel less hungry and here is a chance you reduce your cravings. When you reduce your food intake, it directly shows the impact on your overweight problem.

It improves your skin tone:

As we already know that the water can keep your body hydrated and improve your skin tone. You will experience a flawless skin tone by drinking water early in the morning on an empty stomach. 500 ml water on an empty stomach can increase blood flow in your skin which makes your skin glow.

No sickness in the long term:

When you drink sufficient water in a day, you can avoid many health issues. The practice of drinking water on an empty stomach can directly influence your stomach which can flush out the waste in your body and keeps you healthy all the time.




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