It is important to take time for yourself and do things that will help improve our wellbeing. These include things like regular exercise, healthy eating and making sure we take time to relax our minds.

You don’t have to be fitness fanatics to see and feel the benefits of exercise. Whatever your age or fitness level, you can use exercise to change your life for the better.

Is it time to get active?

Breaking through the first stage of routine exercise can be hard, especially if you are not used to it. But the more you do it, the more you enjoy it, and it eventually becomes a necessary part of your happiness.

Staying physically active will bring remarkable changes to your body and mind. The positive effects of exercise will be felt early on as you notice a lift in your mood and more clarity in your thoughts. You will also feel a sense of pride and achievement as you start to see a healthy physical glow.

When your body is busy, your mind is distracted. Even a short stroll helps to clear your mind and reduce stress. Studies have shown that exercise works quickly in alleviating stress in people and the positive effects can be long-term.

How do you know exercise will help you to manage stress?

There are several ways in which exercise promotes stress and anxiety relief. When you are stressed, your body releases cortisol and adrenaline in levels you don’t always cope with. This leaves you feeling anxious and sends your mind into overdrive.

It is exhausting and it depletes your ability to think clearly.

Believe it or not, exercise is actually a powerful pick-me-up that can make you feel more energetic. It all comes down to endorphins, or ‘happy hormones’ – the most natural way to find relief from stress. Any form of exercise will produce endorphins and will leave your body feeling calm and energised.

Not only does exercise completely refocus your mind and make you more aware of what you are doing, the endorphins you release will help you to maintain a more positive outlook afterwards.

As you learn more about the positive effects of exercise, you will understand why it can be so beneficial for your mental health.



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