Life they say is full of choices. Every day when dawn breaks, you can either choose to continue sleeping or wake up to chase that dream. Success as we all know is not achieved on a silver platter. There may be some ups and downs. 

What do you do when all the odds are against you in your quest to achieve that goal? What happens when giving up is not an option? 

First and foremost, it is very necessary to highlight the group of people who this piece seeks to target and motivate. The select few that are ready break the rules and rewrite history. The select few that are not ready to accept what it is but are ready to make it what it is supposed to be per their vision and dream. This is for you. 

The choices we make define us. Deciding not to give up no matter your present circumstances easily puts you in the category of winners even before you get to the finish line. So what happens when you don’t give up is simple. You win. 

When giving up is not an option? You find a way or make your way. 

When giving up is not an option? You keep going 

When giving up is not an option? You get a companion to energize you to fight on. 

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