Popular Actress and TV Presenter, Benedictah Gafah continues her shine, as she becomes brand ambassador for the new power-packed formulated water with folic acid and vitamins, Verna Active Water, from Twellium Industrial Company.

With an extensive experience in the beverage and water industry, Twellium Industrial Company continues to lead the market as it invests in the economy and also adds on to its tall list of products. With the newest being Verna Active Water.

With this deal, the celebrated film producer now joins Verna Active Water earlier signed ambassador world champion Joseph ‘King Kong’ Agbeko. Verna Active Water is the new scientifically formulated drink with folic acid and electrolytes that come in a signature bottle and enhanced with vital vitamins to boost your immune system.

With Benedictah’s unveiling, fans of the successful entrepreneur will be anticipating the creative ways the brand intends to exploit this new partnership. Speaking on her new partnership with Verna Active Water, Benedictah Gafah expressed her delight in becoming the first woman to be a brand ambassador for Verna Active Water. She said, “The Verna Active Water brand is all about inspiration, inspiring people to always stay hydrated and go for gold through an active life. I can’t wait for what the future holds for Verna Active Water as I urge everyone to be on the lookout for us.”

Mr. Ali Ajami, the Chief Marketing Officer of Twellium Industrial Company, said after careful scrutiny of female personalities, Benedictah Gafah was chosen for her massive support base. He added “She has put in a lot of work to get to where she is today and this can only be achieved by an active lifestyle and energy, two items the new Verna Active Water seeks to give to all of its consumers.

The new Verna Active Water is available in lemon and strawberry flavours and fortified with folic acid, vitamins, and electrolytes essential to keep you hydrated and active for a long time.

Need the right motivation and enthusiasm to face your most challenging days? Try the thirst-quenching Verna Active Water with pleasant lemon and strawberry flavour to give you the best during the day.

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