Most often, even for those who drink water a lot hit the hydration wall. Luckily there are countless means to get back on track. And one of such ways is highlighted in this write up.

Pairing some delicious fruits and vegetable with your Verna Mineral Water can help you reach optimal hydration level. If you think you might enjoy eating your hydration every once in a while, as opposed to drinking it, try factoring these hydrating fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.


One bite into this crisp vegetable is all you need to recognize just how hydrating it is. According to Health, cucumber has a water content level of 96.7%. However, hydration isn’t the only health benefit you’ll score when you chomp into this delicious summer veggie, cucumbers also possess high levels of vitamin C and caffeic acid, both of which help battle inflammation.


This one seems like a shoo-in to make our list of hydrating fruits and vegetables. With water in the name, you had to know that this refreshing summertime treat would come in with a high water content, 96% to be exact. On top of cashing in on some excellent hydration, watermelon will benefit you with a healthy cocktail of vitamin C, carotenoids, lycopene and vitamin A. So, make sure you reach for that second slice next time.


If you’re serious about hydrating via food then you’ve seriously got to try working celery into your diet. Coming in at an impressive make up of 95% water celery is at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to refreshing vegetables. It’s also a ridiculously low-calorie option at 16 calories per cup. Celery also makes for an awesome dipping alternative to salty snacks like chips. Pick up a package of hummus and make it a hydrating and healthy snack today.


These sweet treats are one of the most common berries out there and one of the most hydrating ones too!With a 91% water content, strawberries are another staple to any diet focused on keeping you hydrated. While also being fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free, it’s no wonder that these little berries have made their way into everything from smoothies to salads and everything in between. Want a great recipe to help you factor strawberries into your next dinner? 


While there may be other vegetables out there with higher water contents, spinach is 91% by the way, there’s a reason that Popeye always downed a can of this stuff before taking care of business. Spinach has a particularly potent blend of hydrating qualities and nutrients. For example, one cup of spinach can supply you with up to 50% of your daily dosage of vitamin A. Impress everyone by preparing a big bowl of baby spinach to pair with your next bottle of Verna Mineral Water.

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