Holiday season is officially here, and although you’ll experience a great deal of cheer, you’ll probably also endure some added stress. From making a list and checking it twice for all the gifts you need to buy, dealing with bumper-to bumper traffic near the mall and cleaning the house before the in-laws arrive—there’s a lot to worry about this time of year. Holiday stress management is the key to surviving the chaos. Try out these holiday stress tips to help get a grasp on the madness and fully enjoy the celebrations as they were intended.

Stay Healthy

When you experience an increase in stress, your body can shut down. And with it also being cold and flu season, the last thing you need during the busy season is to get sick because your immunity’s down. You should exercise for stress relief and to help boost your immune system. Aside from keeping your body energized and strong, it’ll also help to counter holiday weight gain and reduce holiday stress overall.

As a supplement to exercise, eating right can further help keep your immune system in check and give you the energy you need to tackle the jam-packed schedule. Try to avoid eating excessive portions and heavier comfort foods to prevent sluggish repercussions. In addition to exercise and eating well, be sure to get a proper amount of sleep. When your body is fully rested, you can better deal with stress.

Drink Water

Another way to keep your body fully functioning during this time of high stress is to drink water constantly. It works to keep your body systems going and also flushes out any toxins, including the extra few cocktails you may have had at the holiday office party. You can add extra benefits to water by infusing it with fruit. Fruits not only give the water flavor, but also spike the levels of vitamins and antioxidants that’ll keep you healthy and fully able to tackle each day.

Tea is also an ideal water-based drink option that’ll help calm stress. Try a chamomile tea to relax or a green tea for an extra boost of energy. Water and stress can be a winning combo when dealing with the busy season—so make it a priority to integrate more water in your daily routine.

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