Considering how crazy the world has gotten, I don’t think there’s a single person out there that doesn’t feel drained. We all are tired. We’re tired of the world, the quarantined, and yes, tired of being tired. So, let’s talk about how we can wake up a little faster and get some energy going on, shall we?

Getting back into the swing of things, or even just getting that nice boost you need, can be harder than it looks. I ought to know, I’ve been there. I still occasionally ask myself, “Why am I tired and have no energy?” 

Most people think I run on energy drinks, but that’s only partially true. While I do love my energy drinks, they aren’t my crutch. Believe it or not, these healthy tricks below are what usually get me going when my pep fizzles out.

Don’t Oversleep Or Undersleep 

Believe it or not, knowing how to stop feeling tired starts with knowing how much sleep you should be getting. Undersleeping is obviously a bad idea, but so is oversleeping. Most people only need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to feel their greatest. If you aren’t sure that you slept long enough, check out how you feel in the morning…as well as when you went to sleep. Sometimes, it’s better to hit that snooze button on your alarm. 

Check Your Emotional Wellbeing

Most people don’t realize how much our emotions are tied to our energy levels. But, I’m willing to bet you can think of one or two people in your life who always managed to make you feel exhausted after you talk to them. You might even call them emotional vampires. When you’re emotionally drained, depressed, or upset, you’re not going to feel as alert as you normally would. Take a look at how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling down, giving yourself some self-care in the form of a spa trip, a night at the movies, or a favorite game can help. 

Lose Weight

It may sound like I’m just jumping on the weight-loss bandwagon, but it’s true. Being overweight puts undue pressure on your body, and that means that you get tired faster. By losing weight, you take the weight off your body and help yourself feel more alive.

Drink more water

Water is one of the best friends you can have when you’re trying to stay awake and alert. Our bodies run smoother when they’re hydrated. Studies show that drinking more water reduces appetite and keeps you awake. So, drink up. If you notice that your lips are dry, you feel tired, and your eyes are a little bloodshot, drink up. You might just be dehydrated. 



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