On Wednesday, 3rd July 2018, at the premises of Ghana’s leading beverage producer Twellium Industrial company limited was the impactful and historical partnership deal signing between the Twellium foundation and the United Nation Youth Ghana to collectively promote both party agenda.

The Twellium foundation which has over the years has been instrumental in social impact projects that directly touches the lives of the disadvantaged, community outreach and financial resource support has identified the need in joining hands with other credible organizations like the UN Youth Ghana to collectively change lives and make the world a better place.

The prime purpose for the coalition of these two non profit Organizations is to effectively promote each party’s agenda, visions and goals in the long term.

“We believe the Ghanaian Youth need impactful projects to get a brighter future, we are so proud to partner with United Nation Youth Ghana because they have good intention for the youth which falls in line with the Vision Of twellium Foundation, we are partnering with them for impactful projects in Ghana that will project us on the African continent.” Stated by Mr Ali Ajami, Head Of Marketing Twellium Industrial Ltd.

The UN Youth Ghana Organisation also explained the motive of this association as well as showing appreciation to the Twellium Foundation below in the words of the Country Head;

“The UN Youth has been focusing on tackling the sustainable Development Goals and engaging the youth in dialogue and decision making. We have observed and realized that the Twellium Foundation in their activities to impact the society is also tackling some of the SDG goals, therefore triggering this Partnership, anywhere you see UN Youth Ghana, you will see Twellium, Verna, I will also encourage Ghanains to Patronize their products.”

Stated by the country head UN Youth Ghana Lilian

Present at the ceremony was patrons, Ambassadors, volunteers, members of the UN Youth Ghana as well us management of Twellium Foundation.

The UN Youth Ghana is a youth-led charity organization, registered to promote RESOLUTION 2250 unanimously adopted on the 9th Dec 2015 by the United Nations Security Council on Youth, Peace & Security which recognized the voice of the Youth and their participation in decision making at all levels.

The Twellium foundation focuses on offering corporate social responsibility and corporate social impact investments in the areas of education through scholarships to needy students, equip people with anger management skills in order to curb violence; provide branded teaching and learning materials to schools, and provide skills training to the youth, as well as micro capital to rural women in Ghana.

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