The month of Ramadan is by far is one of the most important months on the Islamic calendar. Which presents an opportunity for all Muslims to make peace with one another, seek forgiveness from Allah and also blessings and guidance for another year.

May our fasts and prayers be accepted by Allah. May every wish and heart desire be granted by Allah and may the blessings of Ramadan not pass every single Muslim by.

The Twellium Industrial Company, wishes all Muslims a Happy Ramadan. You have fought a good fight. Obedience is better than sacrifice. By obeying and observing the Holy month of Ramadan with fasting and prayers. May this Ramadan be fruitful for us.

Ramadan brings good news to all Muslims.
And Twellium Ghana do bring good news to all Muslims as well.

Twellium Foundation, a charitable division of the Twellium brand, recently donated Ghc40, 000 for the construction of a Hajj Mosque. Organized the Twellium National Quran Recitation Competition and many more during the Holy month.

Finally the day has come, to make merry and peace. May the spirit of Ramadan illuminate your heart and the world. As it ushers upon your life peace, health and prosperity.

Happy Ramadan!!!

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