If you feel better by indulging in a creative activity, it’s not merely a coincidence as the health benefits of art are backed by science. Apparently, the reason why you crave creativity is that the need to create things is etched in our blood and engaging in creative activities such as coloring and stitching can improve mental and physical health.

Since most of us lead fast-paced lives, it could be a little hard to take out time to pursue creative activities. However, a creative outlet can be therapeutic. Here are some health benefits of being creative:

1-Creative Activities Are Stress Busters:

Creative activities are said to affect the body in the same way as meditation. As you probably already know, managing stress is key to overall health and wellness. American Journal of Public Health says that a lot of chronic health diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease, are linked to high stress levels.

You do not necessarily have to sign up for full-fledged cooking or art classes to de-stress, even observing creativity can decrease stress. This means that even simple activities such as reading about creativity can distress you. The idea is to relax, unwind, and free yourself of everything that weighs you down and submerge yourself in a creative activity.

2-Creativity Increases Happiness:

As you might have noticed, it is easy to get so absorbed into certain activities that you kind of forget what’s happening around you. This is known as flow and it boosts your mood, slows down your heart rate, and reduces anxiety.

Repetitive creative activities such as writing and knitting can help activate the flow and make you feel happier. Moreover, when you successfully conclude a project, your body releases the feel-good chemical dopamine.

3-It Also Renews Brain Functions:

Creative endeavors can help you improve your critical thinking skills. When you undertake a creative activity, it boosts the production of new neurons, which are important for keeping the central nervous system healthy. Moreover, creative activities can also help your brain recover after stress, injury or illness.

It is also said that people who take part in craft-based activities in midlife and older slash their chances of developing cognitive issues by a whopping 45 percent. Since emotional and physical issues are a part of life, taking up a creative hobby can prove to be a good habit.

4-Creative Activities Strengthen The Immune System:

According to studies, people who have a habit of maintaining a diary have a stronger immune system function. Researchers haven’t been able to find out the reason behind this yet, but it might have something to the CD4+ lymphocyte count, which is crucial for your immune system and increases in response to writing.

Consult a doctor if you have been experiencing memory difficulties and changes in thinking skills.

Source: OLADOC.com

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