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Twellium Industrial Company was incorporated in Ghana in September 2013, to kick start the production of 4 key franchised products. These include Rush Energy drink, Original American Cola, Planet Range and Bubble Up lemon lime. While the company specializes in the production of irresistible non-alcoholic beverages, it also prides itself in its flagship product, Verna Mineral Water, for its clean, tasty and refreshing appeal, as confirmed by target market and consumers.

Twellium, holds franchised license from Monarch beverages – Atlanta Georgia; a diversified, international beverage company operating in over 50 countries and offering over 200 products
spanning traditional carbonated soft drinks and New Age categories such as energy drinks.

Quality Control & High Standards Are Our Hallmark.

Twellium Industrial uses pure and natural mineral water, employing Italian and European technology and International standards in our manufacturing processes.

Full Control
Healthy Composition
13 Filtration Stages

Endorsed by the GNSA and FDA.

Twellium Foundation 

Verna Changing Lives

We impact lives of disadvantaged groups. It is our aim to work hard to contribute to the attainments of some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The smile and joy we put on the faces of people is what motivates us to do what we do.

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