The industrialization agenda which is widely preached as the most preferred alternative to change the fortunes of every country is fast catching up in Ghana. With numerous industries springing up every now and then and the most notable one being the Twellium Industrial Company. The focus should not only be on the setting up of the industries but also incentives and working conditions which are paramount in the long term sustainability of these industries must be addressed as well. Largely because of the impact of these entities in transforming the economy and also the lives of the people in the countries in which they operate.

The success of every industry is dependent on the human resources that man the entity. It is the people (workers) that make the industries not necessarily the machineries. Which highlights the significance of investing in your human resources and most importantly appreciating them for their contributions to the company.

 May 1, every year has being earmarked to celebrate workers all over the country. And the Twellium Industrial Company which has employed thousands of Ghanaians directly and indirectly is also using the occasion to say ‘ayekoo’ to all and sundry involved directly and indirectly in our chain of operations. And to every worker in Ghana contributing positively to the growth and development of our economy.

The story of the Twellium Industrial Company has being a remarkable one, notably for not only helping to change the lives of our workers but also patrons of our products and the entire population. With premium brands like Verna Mineral Water, a wide range of nonalcoholic beverages and not forgetting three of the leading energy drinks in Ghana; Rush, Run and Go On Energy Drink. The Twellium brand would not have being a success without its selfless and dedicated workers.

We say ‘ayekoo’ once again and a happy holiday 

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