Starting the with most precious ones that Jesus himself said we should allow them to come to him. The children can’t be left out of this season. Allow us to usher them into our world of tastes. Three brands, with different flavors to cater for every child’s beverage needs this season. You can opt for  Its Bigoo, Planet Flavored Drinks or Bubble Up. Don’t forget everyone is invited as well. 

Jesus Christ died to give us ‘life’. In line with the old adage, Twellium Industrial Company is also saying ‘Water Is Life’. With the best bottled water in the country, Verna Mineral Water is your most preferred bottle water this Easter season. Not forgetting the essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium that each bottle comes with.

Energy can be transferred as we know from science. A bottle of energy drink will supplement your energy level and keep you active this season. With the option of choosing from three top brands, you have no excuse not to be active this season. A bottle of Rush, Run or Go On Energy Drink will best serve you right.

With other favorites like Original America Cola,Chale Malt, Rasta Choco Malt and many others, the Twellium Company has something for your this season.

For us we say, Good Friday Blessings Come With Good Energy. So start the season right. Be part of our family and tap from our wide range of products this season. 

Happy Easter!!!

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