Rated as the fastest-growing manufacturer of Non Alcoholic Beverages, Biscuit and Confectionery Company in Ghana – West Africa, Twellium Industrial Company Limited has attained 10 Years of Solid Growth.

Founded in 2013 (year of incorporation) by Mr. Hussein Kesserwani & Mr. Hassan Kesserwani, Twellium Industrial Company Limited has been one of the leading companies in terms of innovation and excellence in the beverage manufacturing industry since 4th February 2014, (production commencement year). 

Twellium Ghana has experienced remarkable growth, driven by a relentless commitment to quality, technology, and customer satisfaction. Twellium has introduced a wide range of premium brands highly sought-after and well accepted by consumers. These brands offer a diverse variety of products, from assorted soft drinks and mineral water to juices and energy drink products, biscuits, wafers, cookies and assorted cakes meeting the demands and preferences of consumers across different sectors. 

One popular premium brand by Twellium is Rush Energy Drink, the number-one-selling Energy drink in Ghana. Rush Energy Drink’s unique formula and great taste makes it the choice of the majority of youth and athletic professionals. 

Verna Mineral Water, Slemfit Water, Bigoo range of carbonated soft drinks, Planet,

American Cola, Bubble up, Chale juices, DrMalt, Rasta Malt, Run Energy, Xplus Energy, Pippo, and many more Twellium premium brands have managed to capture the African market by understanding the demands and preferences of African consumers, while simultaneously meeting their affordability requirements. 

With two major state-of-the-art facilities strategically located in Accra and Kumasi, Twellium Industrial Company Limited stands at the forefront of mineral water, nonalcoholic beverages, biscuit, and confectionery manufacturing in Ghana and West Africa. Its beverage facilities boast over 15 ultra-modern production lines made by industry giants Sidel®, Krones®, and Tetra Pak® from Can Lines to PET lines, Jar lines, and Glass lines. The latest two lines were commissioned in Kumasi in 2022 with a speed of 80,000 bottles per hour (BPH) and 65,000 bottles per hour (BPH) ensure the highest production efficiency standards and product quality across its operations. 

In 2019, Twellium Ghana proudly launched its premium brand (McBerry®), having an installed total capacity of 7,000 MT /month amounting to 84,000 MT /year, and 100% plant utilization making it the largest biscuit and confectionery company in Ghana. Mcberry® is known for its innovative biscuits and confectionery products. Mcberry® offers premium quality made of all the finest natural ingredients that cater to healthconscious consumers. Mcberry® products are delicious, always freshly baked for the best indulgent moments and packaged safely with eye-catching creatives.

McBerry’s success is fuelled by 11 production lines featuring cutting-edge machinery from renowned companies like GEA ®, Tonelli®, lmaforni®, and its packaging machines SPS Italy, thereby defining the product’s uniform quality. From biscuits to wafers, cakes, and cookies, McBerry® embodies its commitment to delivering delicious treats that delight consumers across Africa and beyond.

With a strong Equipment base, Safety, and Quality culture, Mcberry® is the most valuable biscuit and confectionery company in Ghana and Africa. 

All Twellium facilities are registered following all legal requirements in every region, and its products are FDA-approved and authorized by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA). Furthermore, the facilities are certified by prestigious certifications such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2015), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) Certification, and Halal Certification, reaffirming its commitment to quality at both national and international levels. 

Beyond manufacturing excellence, Twellium Industrial Company Limited is dedicated to positively impacting the communities it serves. Twellium Ghana currently has a total workforce of over 6,000 workers which gives a strong base and commitment towards job creation and development of local talent all across to enforce localization.

Also, its commitment to corporate social responsibility is ingrained in its ethos, which is evident in the numerous awards the company has won for Corporate Social Responsibility over the years. From sponsoring notable events across Ghana to implementing environmentally conscious practices within its operations, the company strives to make a meaningful impact beyond the confines of its factory walls. 

Priding itself as the best in the manufacturing of mineral water, biscuits, confectionery, and non-alcoholic beverages in Ghana and West Africa, Twellium’s ultramodern production facilities with the fastest production speeds across the region underscore its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its customers. Twellium continually strives to exceed expectations and set new standards in the industry, driven by a passion for innovation and continuous improvement. Twellium’s state-of-the-art facilities serve as a clear demonstration of its commitment to fulfilling the dynamic requirements of its clientele.

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