A woman was stranded at Ho Teaching Hospital and she had no option, her 15 year-old daughter’s leg was going to be amputated but when she sought support from Verna at last moment, Verna Water responded on the spot and they came with the money to rescue the girl.

The mother expressed gratitude for the quick response from Verna, and prayed for the foundation to keep touching other people’s live.

Verna Changing Lives always takes the lead to support humanitarian projects, with critical situations, and they had a lot of touching stories in their record, building schools, support education, provide shelters and job opportunities for homeless, etc

Verna Mineral Water is produced by Twellium Industrial Company Ltd, one of many premium brands, like Rush Energy Drink, Bigoo soft drink, Mcberry Biscuits.

While the management of Verna expressed hope that the intervention will make a significant impact in alleviating the plight of the teenager, her mother, Enyonam Boankah, was full of gratitude for the support from Verna.

Verna, through its Changing Lives initiative, has always taken the lead in providing humanitarian support in critical situations, which has yielded touching testimonies.

Twellium is the pride of Ghana industry, certified with ISO and Haccp and maintain international standards.

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