On August 12, 2023, at the esteemed Accra Sport Stadium, Mr. Ali Ajami was elected as the Vice President for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in Ghana. This appointment is not only significant for the sport itself but also for the Ghanaian society as a whole.

Mr. Ali Ajami has dedicated a decade of his life to Ghana, and now, he sees this opportunity as his way of giving back to the community. Recognizing the enormous impact that sports can have on the youth, Mr. Ali is determined to take the game to new heights. His passion and dedication to the sport are palpable, and now he aims to promote and allocate resources towards the growth of MMA in Ghana.

Mixed Martial Arts is more than a game; it is a platform that empowers individuals, instills discipline, and fosters a spirit of healthy competition. By elevating the status of MMA in Ghana, Mr. Ali Ajami aims to provide our Ghanaian youth with an opportunity to excel, not only in sports but also in life. His vision goes beyond just the promotion of MMA; it encompasses the creation of a vibrant and inclusive sports culture that echoes throughout our nation

With this appointment, we can look forward to an exciting future for Mixed Martial Arts in Ghana. Mr. Ali Ajami’s leadership and expertise in the field will undoubtedly drive the sport to new horizons. Through his relentless efforts, we can expect to witness the emergence of world-class fighters, the organization of thrilling events, and the establishment of solid infrastructure for training and development.

As we embark on this journey, let us rally behind Mr. Ali Ajami and his vision. Together, we can unleash the untapped potential within our youth and transform Ghana into a force to be reckoned with in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Let us eagerly anticipate the positive impact this endeavor will have on our society and the countless lives it will touch.

Mr Ali Ajami was also appointed as Good will Ambassador for united Nation youth in Ghana, and serve as Marketing Director for the Giant manufacturing company Ltd Twellium Industries.

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